Name: Absorb

Type: Grass

Category: Special

Power: 20

Accuracy: 100

PP: 25

Introduced: 1

Effects: Absorb deals damage and the user will recover 50% of the HP drained. If the user is holding a Big Root, the move instead recovers 65% of the damage dealt (30% more than normal). If used on a Pokemon with the ability Liquid Ooze, the user instead loses the HP it would have otherwise gained.

Changes: In generations 1-3 Absorb has 20 PP

Personal NotesEdit

Absorb is a good move especially for Grass-type starter Pokemon. Absorb works good as a healing agent in battle that also does a good amount of damage to your opponent. However, after an evolution and a few levels, Absorb becomes very obsolete and weak against the types of Pokemon you'll be fighting. Unless you're fighting something that is weak against Grass, Abosrb doesn't work as either an offensive move or a healing agent. At that point, try to teach your Pokemon a move like Mega Drain or Giga Drain.