Pokemon Profiles are a textbook (or in this case Pokedex) definition of a Pokemon. A Pokemon Profile should include the Pokemon's name, element (fire, grass, etc.) type (seed, bird, etc.), height (ex: 2' 4"), weight (ex: 15 lbs), techniques (the moves a Pokemon has when you get it), other techniques (the moves a Pokemon can learn after you train it), good against (elements that it's super-effective against), bad against (elements it's not very effective against), evolution (normal, stone, trade), evolves at level (what level--if any--it evolves at). For additional reference, see one of the pages.

When making a Pokemon Profile, make sure to check all of your facts in either an online Pokedex, or a Pokedex book.

Unfortunately, due to limited technology capabilities, Pokemon Profiles are listed in alphabetical order, rather than the number order assigned by the game. However, all Pokemon evolution chains are linked to on the Pokemon Profile.

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