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Kanto was the first region that the Pokemon video game series took place in. In Pokemons Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver after you beat the Elite Four, you could travel to Kanto region. Kanto is also the name of a region in Japan.

Map and Cities of KantoEdit


This is the original map of Kanto as seen in the video game.

Pallet TownEdit

This is the town where you start your journey. Although it is small and quiet, Professor Oak's lab resides in the town.

Viridian CityEdit

This is technically the first city with a gym in it, however, you don't get to actually fight the gym leader when you first get there. When you first get there, the gym leader is "not there". After you fight all of the other gym leaders, you can return and challenge the gym leader. In Generation 1, the gym leader is Giovanni and uses Earth-type Pokemon. In Generations 2 and 4, the leader is your rival and uses a variety of Pokemon.