It's the first day of this new Wiki. As founder I've got a lot of responsibility, but I can handle it. I just hope that lots of people will help me update this Wiki. The whole point of it is to mak an extensive battle guide and complete Pokedex. Of course, to fill out the Pokedex, it'll probably take at least a year for all of the existing Pokemon to be updated to it. And even after that there'll be more Pokemon to put in. But like I said, I can handle it! All I have to do is stay strond and remember who I am. I've had more responsibility put on me than this before. I can do this. Tomorrow I'll update the Pokedex part of the Wiki some more. It's a good thing I have my first generation Pokemon guide, or I would be lost to filling out those Pokemon Profiles. But after I finish that, I'll need to look online to find the rest of the Pokemon data. At least there'll be people to help me. Well, tomorrow's another big day, so I better be ready for it!

Inkninja00 08:49, August 8, 2012 (UTC) The Ink Ninja